суббота, 15 декабря 2012 г.

Realaxy First Preview Video (EN)

Here is just video preview of your project of social-net with 3D objects in 3D environment. Which we will launch soon.

Tech under the hood

For 3D web applications we use flash with Stage3D (the most common 3D-environment in web), based on Alternativa3D engine, for GUI we use Flex (because it's now better for quick developing of complex applications) and maybe soon we switch to Starling with FeathersUI. For IoC (InversionOfControl) we use SwiftSuspenders (simple, lite and useful lib for injections). Our unittests had written with the help of FlexUnit and Mockolate for mocking. Logging with as3commons-logging (simple but useful things - it has appender for push log at browser console). Web pages has Backbone.js and jQuery underneath.

Follow me to take a part of closed beta, and know more technical details.

Follow us in social nets - fb, g+, vk

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