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Event / To know about future of flash platform from 1st hands! Meet-up of Flash Developer / UAFPUG-41 (EN) / Updated

Attention! Don't miss!

Tomorrow (7 December) will come 41 meet-up of Ukrainian Flash Platform User Group (UAFPUG) at Kiev. It' will come offline and online. So we can to take part from from around the world.
Start at 10:30 (UTC +0).
Page of online translation is http://adobechats.adobeconnect.com/uafpug-41.
Just select guest, and type your nickname.


Legend of Flash Platform Thibault Imbert from Adobe

Thibault Imbert
I think he is now most famous person from Adobe, that push Flash Platform forward.
You will know about future of Flash Player: Stage3D, Startling, Feathers UI, project Monocle.

Sergey Gonchar talented developer of 3D worlds

Сергей Гончар
His speech will be a little about our revolutionary 3D product, you will see it soon. In general he will talk about technical side of developing 3D application on Flash Platform, Stage3D, optimization tricks and so on..
Join us on event http://fpug.org.ua/meeting/41

Update - Summing-up

You can create you app on Lua and compile it to swf with FlasCC. Example

People like Scout

because Adobe Scout is really cool tool

Thanks for Thibault and Sergey we will have Extended profile for Stage3D. With Extended possibilities, as textures more then 2k x 2k. This mode already available on beta Flash Player 11.6 but unfortunately it doesn't come to release and doesn't run on mobile platforms.

Here is come new methods of texturing (JDIs) ...

Html5 and WebGL is a answer if you need auto-update of your application. More than 67% of consumer never update them applications

What comes next in VMNext

About all features in VMNext we will know in next year, not now. Only one thinks - for increase performance Adobe plan to remove some old flexible features as a prototyping and so on. With new more strict syntaxes it will be easy to compile flash to native with help of LVM.

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